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The origins of Ellecom

Originally, Ellecom was active in the electronics industry, particularly in the segment of trading obsolete and rare components. Ellecom buys internationally for its customers, sourcing products and components that are hard to find, especially when supply is limited due to excessive demand. To do this, Ellecom works closely with logistics partners who have an impeccable track record in international trade.

Later, the business areas of medical devices trading and regulatory solutions were added. In this area, we work with manufacturers from different parts of the world who specialize in the production of medical products and in vitro diagnostics. With the acquired knowledge and experience, Ellecom started to design and execute customized projects in the field of regulatory affairs, meeting the requirements of Notified Bodies and relevant national and international health authorities.

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Our mission

Our mission is to explore opportunities and resources to improve the quality of life with our products and solutions. With safety and success in mind, we can achieve our mission by working with others. They are the center of our thoughts and actions.

Our Vision

Connected and Committed to Community. To provide effective and efficient solutions and products to achieve our dream of a united community where everyone is healthy and has a chance to succeed.

Quality management

Quality management is our highest priority. Our quality policy is: "Ellecom Swiss AG will always provide products and services that meet or exceed the requirements of its customers. It will always ensure that there are no defects, that deliveries are made on time, and that all legal and regulatory requirements are met. It will actively participate in activities that further improve quality and service."

Our Values

We believe our values are important because they help us grow and develop. As a company, we make hundreds of decisions every day. Our values help us shape the future we want to experience. Ellecom's values can be summarized as follows: Clarity: in thought and action, taking into account the objectives Trust: Openness, transparency and entrepreneurship Loyalty: in the interest of the company and the community in general Pride: being part of the team that works for the good of the community Respect: diversity of opinion and inclusion.
Ellecom Swiss AG

The management introduces itself

Rohit Zutshi -

Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance

Rohit Zutshi -

Person Responsible for Regulatory Compliance

Rohit is responsible for regulatory compliance for ELLECOM SWISS AG and handles Regulatory Affairs as well as Quality Management System (QMS) compliance and establishes a relationship of trust and support with the Competent Authority.

Antje Tandetzky -

Managing Director of Ellecom Swiss AG & Member of the Board of Directors

Antje Tandetzky -

Managing Director of Ellecom Swiss AG & Member of the Board of Directors

As part of Ellecom's leadership team, Antje is passionate about serving customers in the Electronic Components and Medical Device Regulatory business segments. Here, she is responsible for the Clinical Affairs area, among others.